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Live timer element

We already have <time-formatted> element to show a nicely formatted time.

Create <live-timer> element to show the current time:

  1. It should use <time-formatted> internally, not duplicate its functionality.
  2. Ticks (updates) every second.
  3. For every tick, a custom event named tick should be generated, with the current date in event.detail (see chapter Envío de eventos personalizados).


<live-timer id="elem"></live-timer>

  elem.addEventListener('tick', event => console.log(event.detail));


Abrir un entorno controlado para la tarea.

Please note:

  1. We clear setInterval timer when the element is removed from the document. That’s important, otherwise it continues ticking even if not needed any more. And the browser can’t clear the memory from this element and referenced by it.
  2. We can access current date as property. All class methods and properties are naturally element methods and properties.

Abrir la solución en un entorno controlado.