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Sort the table

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There’s a table:


There may be more rows in it.

Write the code to sort it by the "name" column.

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The solution is short, yet may look a bit tricky, so here I provide it with extensive comments:

let sortedRows = Array.from(table.tBodies[0].rows) // 1
  .sort((rowA, rowB) => rowA.cells[0].innerHTML.localeCompare(rowB.cells[0].innerHTML));

table.tBodies[0].append(...sortedRows); // (3)

The step-by-step algorthm:

  1. Get all <tr>, from <tbody>.
  2. Then sort them comparing by the content of the first <td> (the name field).
  3. Now insert nodes in the right order by .append(...sortedRows).

We don’t have to remove row elements, just “re-insert”, they leave the old place automatically.

P.S. In our case, there’s an explicit <tbody> in the table, but even if HTML table doesn’t have <tbody>, the DOM structure always has it.

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